Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Begins!

Week 18

Here's out sweet boy, smiling in the rain.
School is almost over and we are relaxing on a lazy afternoon.

Jake continues to thrive.  He's gaining weight and learning English at a great rate!

The kids have been helping me get ready for VBS (it's in July).  We're working on crafts.  I found a $1 Family Fun book at Target which has been worth much more than $1.  Joy spent about 2 hours working on this paper pizza.  I decided we'd use it as decoration in the snack area at church.

Marta and Sara are loving the hammock now in the backyard.  We had this hanging up in Shane's room prior to Jake moving in.  Tom figured out a way to hang it on the swing set!  Thanks honey!  :)

Our friends are moving back to Mt. Pleasant!  YEAH!!  We are so excited!   This is their youngest son, David, who is celebrating his 14th birthday!

He's dearly loved!

This was the last week of school.  The kindergarten classes did swimming.  Here's Marta waiting on her turn.

She's excited about helping Jake and Joy learn how to swim.  They'll be doing swim lessons once a week while I'm teaching my water aerobics class.

Updating the blog has been harder lately because end of the school year activities.
Now, however, summer is rolling and we've got so many things to do with the kids before school starts back.  

We're now in Week 20 (our half-way point).  The dynamics of our new family are starting to even out.
Overall, I think we are doing pretty well.  I know we'll continue to grow & develop as a family over the summer.  Many positive behaviors are being seen!   We praise God for His goodness and faithfulness!

We're looking forward to summer play dates with our friends and family.


kimjax said...

The kids look so happy, Amy! What a difference from a few weeks ago. You're a great mom. :)

Annie said...

Everyone looks so happy!!!! Hoping you all can make it to the pool next week! Would Wednesday work??